Friday, August 19, 2016

Knock Off Week: Supaidaman

Welcome back all. The slight detour from this week's theme was a nice option via director Dustin Ferguson and his entertaining The Dummy 2. I thought of an excellent way to finish out the week however. In 1978, a year after CBS Americana Entertainment created The Amazing Spider-Man with Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. TV Tokyo and Toei Video Company put together a series that is "LOOSELY" based on Spider-Man. A reworking of Spider-Man by introducing with the giant mecha craze from the Shogun Warriors, Kamen Rider and Ultraman prior to Transformers, Robotech and Voltron. This is Supaidaman a.k.a. Spider-Man.

Spidey Jazz Hands!!!

Found on Tokyo Channel 12 and lasting 41episodes being a half hour each. Takuya Yamashiro (Shinji Todo of Spider-Man, Megaloman, Electronic Squadron Denziman, Kyotaro Nishimura's Travel Mystery 51, Uniform SurviGirl I and Keishicho Shinri Sosakan Asuka 2) a daredevil cyclist (No, not actual Daredevil or Ghost Rider) transforms into a familiar red and blue Spidey suit with a race car and a giant mecha at the ready available to combat the Iron Cross Army led by the dark emperor Professor Monster (Mitsuo Ando of A Fugitive from the Past, Kikaida: Android of Justice, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger,Goranger: The Movie, Goranger: Movie 2- The Blue Fortress, Inazuman Furashu and Supaidaman). Takuya unlike Peter Parker has been given support by an alien from Planet Spider after landing on this world 400 years prior in hot pursuit of the Iron Cross Army for vengeance after they blew up his home planet, he injected Yamato with the Spider Extract giving him his abilities and Spider Bracelet that is a web shooter but also stored his outfit called the Spider Protector.

Spider Mecha!!!!

Garia feels he cannot expect to combat the Iron Cross Army with just his abilities so offers a spacecraft that turns mecha and a flying car outfitted with machine guns and missile launchers with hides in his ship/mecha. Handy, no? Takuya's girlfriend Hitomi (Rika Miura of Sachiko no sachi, Spider-Man, Hissatsu shigotonin, Kareinaru houmonsha, Soushitsu, Kyotaro Nishimura's Travel Mystery 9, Kyotaro Nishimura's Travel Mystery 15 and Uradeka), a freelance photographer who constantly mocks her daredevil boyfriend for disappearing at random and is nowhere near as brave as Supaidaman. NO WOMAN IS THIS STUPID.

Little 18 year old sister Shinko (Izumi Oyama of Spider-Man) and baby brother Takuji (Yoshiharu Yabuki of Spider-Man) are Takuya's legal concern as he is there only guardian after his father died at the hands of the Iron Cross Army of which only Takuya knows and must carry that burden himself encouraging to continue his crusade against Professor Monster and his brigade of monsters. His insanely hot second-in-command Amazoness (Yukie Kagawa of Snake Woman's Curse, East China Sea, Orgies of Edo, Horrors of Malformed Men, Tokyo Band Girls, Queen Bee Strikes Again, Spider-Man, Solar Squadron Sun Vulcan and Ronin-gai) who seems to have a love/hate relationship with Takuya/Spider-Man and seems like more could happen. Interpol investigator Juzo Mamiya (Noboru Naka of Younger Brother, Whirlpool of Woman, Lady Snowblood, Keiji monogatari, Wangan ni kieta onna, Onihei hankacho, Hikinige Family, If: Moshimo, The Abe Clan and Oishinbo 2) easily figures out with Takuya's secret identity cause that took a lot of work and they decide to work together. Actually I found this entertaining but I like mechas and flying cars. So if you like giant robot and kaiju fights and may have a hankering of Spidey. Give it a view.

Toei managed to snag a couple of addition links with a Japanese counterpart of Captain America as Battle Fever J, a Tomb of Dracula anime as well as Shogun Warriors action figures made to a comic book via Marvel interacting with the Fantastic Four, Godzilla, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.and Red Ronin with an agreement via Mattel

Hey kids, I'm...well I'm not Peter Parker but vastly cooler.