Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Favourite Fours: Genesis of the Daleks

Good day to you one and all and welcome to Day 1 of Favourite Fours. This time around the Doctor (Tom Baker), Sarah Jane Smith and chief medical officer for U.N.I.T. Harry Sullivan are just leaving Nerva space station when their transmat beam is interrupted by the Timelords (the Doctor's species) and sent back in time with a time ring to Skaros, a war torn planet that is on the verge of creating the most genocidal creatures in existence. This is Genesis of the Daleks.

So a rock quarry is not an ideal picnic spot.  My apologies.

Finding the surface of the planet almost completely laid to wast between biological, chemical and even nuclear warfare, the lands seem desolate when a poison gas attack hits the Doctor and companions. The Doctor and Harry (Ian Marter of The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Doctor Who, North & South, Crown Court, Fell Tiger and The Return of Sherlock Holmes) are dragged in to the dome inhabited by the technologically superior Kelads while Sarah is befriended by the Mutos, a species of mutants descended from previous chemical weapons during the early years of the war. No sooner does Sarah (Elisabeth Sladen of Gulliver in Lilliput, Doctor Who, Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time, Peak Practice and The Sarah Jane Adventures) feel safe, she and the Mutos are captured to be slave labor for the Thals (other warring nation on Skaro).

The Doctor and Harry have to empty their pockets for a security check losing the Doctor's sonic screwdriver as well as the time ring, the only device to bring them back to the TARDIS. The Doctor attempts to explain they are aliens and not spies when they are brought before the Kelads greatest scientific mind Davros.

Fine, yes I dressed quickly in the dark... Are you happy now?

For even the most causal observer, it is blatantly obvious that Davros is both brilliant and completely crackers as he unveils his Mark III travel machine that looks identically to a Dalek. With a finite amount of scientists in the dome, they no longer trust Davros, given his monstrous creations having no conscience or mercy at all deciding to revolt against him.

The Doctor attempts to reason with Davros, maybe show him the error to his genocidal ways but it seems to no avail. The Doctor must stop this nightmarish war, find Sarah and recover the time ring to get back to the TARDIS.

A few points of interest on the episodes now. The basis of the fascist regime of the Nazi party is the building block for the Kelads as the Daleks would be the ultimate ubermench... on little wheels.... defenseless to stairs.

This six part weekly show had been viewed by 8 to 10 million viewers. This is also the first appearance of Davros and certainly not the last. The working title for this serial was Daleks- Genesis of Terror. For you fans of all that is Who, this would be the first domino to create the Last Great Time War. In a 2006 interview, Tom Baker named Genesis of the Daleks as one of his favorite Doctor Who serials.

Exsanguinate!!! Crap... LINE!!!