Thursday, April 9, 2015

Favourite Fours Week: The Horror of Fang Rock

Salutations good readers of this blog. Welcome to Day 3 of Favourite Fours. We stem away from Harry and Sarah as we move to the Doctor befriending a savage hunter, name of Leela (Louise Jameson of The Game, Tenko, Rides, The Upper Hand and EastEnders) to broaden her horizons and perhaps her educational standings. Making their way to Brighton, the TARDIS lands on the island of Fang Rock because the TARDIS detected a plot device. This is Horror of Fang Rock.

Your sexual magnetism melted it, Leela.

The Doctor insistent on investigating the lighthouse nearby as well as ask for directions as it would appear the TARDIS got lost in the fog. Leela is still untrusting of the craft's capabilities as this is a common trait for companions but she trusts the Doctor's judgement. No sooner have they have made their arrival that they discover a dead body of one of the lighthouse keepers. The other two keepers, Reuben (Colin Douglas of A Man from the Sun, The Crawling Eye, A Family at War, Doctor Who and The Pickwick Papers) and Vince (John Abbott of Doctor Who, Lady Jane, Treasure Island, Agatha Christie: Poirot, Revenge of Billy the Kid, Kappatoo and Four Weddings and a Funeral) are leery about their whole assignment as their paranoia falls immediately on the Doctor and Leela when the Doctor does his level best to defuse the situation at hand.

The Everlasting Gobstopper is stalking us!!!

With the lighthouse on the fritz the Doctor springs into action to best repair it when he observes that the generators seem to be drained of all energy. Remembering that Vince spoke of a light in the sky landing nearby the coincidences seem the most likely offenders. A luxury yacht comes crashing to shore. Its survivors four make their way to the lighthouse for shelter from the fog and rain. Concerned for these humans' survival, the Doctor concludes to keep the harmful alien life-form that may have killed the keeper away from everyone and fortify the lighthouse. One of the survivors a Lord Palmerdale insists they must commandeer a vessel to reach the stock exchange so he may make a killing. This of course was the reason their late ship was travelling at the speeds that it did.

Will the creature make short work of the humans? Can the Doctor prevent an impeding invasion? Will the fact the creature has been acknowledged as an alien decrease their chances of survival?

How about some fun facts on our serial now? Well tough, you are getting them anyway.

This was the only Doctor Who serial made at BBC Pebble Mill (the complex that housed, Pebble Mill at One, The Archers, Top Gear, Doctors and Gardeners' World). 6.8 million viewers gathered for its original transmission. Though it is not abundantly clear, this episode takes place in Victorian times 1900s. The use of language and costumes should have tipped their hats well enough but you know how thick some of us carbon based life-forms can be.

Director Paddy Russel did not care for Tom Baker's attitude during the production of the story. He apparently didn't like the script and tossed his out a window. With the tension between Baker and Jameson working together, Russel decreed she would never work on Doctor Who again after this. 

Yes, next time I swear I will ask for directions first.