Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Favourite Fours

Back again oh readers of this drek. Well you were warned many times over. This week I thought we would touch base with a certain time and space traveler and no this is not a transparent attempt to get more readers by enlisting Whovians around the globe. That in mind, I wish to share some of my favorite episodes involving Tom Baker (4th Doctor for those that... I guess avoid all forms of media archiving) and his pantheon of companions.


Ranging from adventures with journalist Sarah Jane Smith to packing the TARDIS jam full of two extra-terrestrials and an Australian air hostess, Baker is one of the most beloved by children and adults alike. With Big Finish audio dramas under his belt, it is almost as his voice has not aged with him at all. Just hearing him narrate his first Doctor Who episode Robot filled me with am overwhelming sense of joy.

We shall see if your favorite fourth Doctor episodes and mine match up with this week with Favourite Fours!

Personally I liked this look.