Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TV Episodes: Daredevil

Hello all and welcome back to the week. Yesterday I was bogged down in chores and alas didn't feel up to getting some writing done. This week we tackle the few first episodes from a budding TV series. With 2015 here new series have been created in almost every genre. I felt this time around we see what Marvel Comics has produced via Netflix.

Ew, what did I step in?

With 13 episodes already in the bag, each an hour long, the story of Matt Murdock, lawyer by day and costumed vigilante by night, you can imagine the levels of fisticuffs he encounters on a nightly basis. Determined to clean up his city, stop crime and in general, improve the lives of others, our young hero fights the good fight on his own with only his training and heightened senses at his disposal. Will anyone else aid him in either of his guises? Will the police try to stop him? Can one man truly make a difference. Find out as we explore the first look since the disaster of a movie into a closer take on this iconic Marvel character, Daredevil.