Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adrian Paul Week: The Owl

Welcome to the gathering!!.. of Adrian Paul fans for Day 2 of Adrian Paul Week. Yeah, I know I need to cut down on the Highlander quotes, comments and general silliness than is I but it is so damn fun. No offense to MacLeod, but I loved Peter Wingfield's Methos. That man could have lopped the head off a cat snoozing, in the sack, in a outhouse, you name it.

Today I wish to bring about a TV movie title that provided some entertainment. Based on the books by novelist/TV writer Robert Forward (Secret of the Sword, She-Ra: Princess of Power, C.O.P.S., The Real Ghostbusters, The Legend of Zelda and Captain Planet and the Planeteers) comes the story of a soldier turned mercenary who lost his wife and daughter to criminals of unknown. He spends his nights prowling the streets for scum to unleash his rage on. This is The Owl.

Oh no cameraman, he spotted you! RUN!

Alex L' Hiboux (Adrian Paul of Love Potion No. 9, Dead Men Can't Dance, Merlin: The Return, The Breed, Tracker, Charmed, Alien Tracker, Throttle, Little Chicago, Highlander: The Source, Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke) was a soldier once. After his tour was up he found his family to been dispatched by criminals and yes, yes I get it is too close to the Punisher and you need to move on. A hopeless insomniac, living off of sugar, caffeine and anxiety Alex "The Owl" operates as a mercenary for whatever or whoever meets his price or cause.

With his on again and off again cop lady friend Danny Santerre (Patricia Charbonneau of Shakedown, Call Me, Brain Dead, Robocop 2, The Arrangement, She's All That and 100 Feet) she throws him a bone via work or just checks in on him. A doctor and his daughter Lisa (Erika Flores of Star Trek: The Next Generation, She Woke Up, Bloodlines: Murder in the Family, Visions of Murder and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) are about to blow town when Doctor Clements (David Selburg of The Man with One Red Shoe, On Deadly Ground, Species and The Bourne Identity) is snatched from the train station leaving his daughter on her own. Lisa seeks out the Owl in the hopes he can find her father before anything horrible happens to him. Reluctant to get involved he takes on the case and is bending ears and arms in no time at all.

I am almost Wesley Snipes, m'man.  I feel it.

Our gangster/rapper Cool Ice (Jacques Bolton of 21 Jump Street, Kindergarten Cop, The O.J. Simpson Story, City of Angels and Bloodlines) holds Clements in chains until he gives up the formula for this new drug coined Instant Iron so he can be the new drug kingpin. FYI, his henchman carrying his ghetto blaster THAT IS NOT EVEN PLAYING!!!!!!

Can the Owl stop the drug trade, end the bad rap tyriad and in general snap bones and one-liners??

A few comments on the flick. Director Tom Holland brought me Fright Night, Fatal Beauty and Child's Play so I figure I am in good hands and while the cinematography is fine, the soundtrack is rocking, the source material was treated with less dignity than a Glen A Larson project. Seriously, Manimal got more love.

One of the biggest effects the film has on you is the soundtrack. My brain is screaming Stallone's Cobra and low and behold it is Sylvester Levay (Composer of Otherworld, Airwolf, Cobra, The Tracker and Navy Seals) some decent bass and guitar with some whammy bar with a bit of synthesizer playing with that brushing of chimes effect that was popular in the 80's and the 90's.

Upside is Paul looked supremely bad-ass, spinning kicks, wrist locks and just blasting the crap out of these pukes.   

You must think I'm not a very nice guy...