Monday, July 20, 2015

As the Seasons Go On:

Howdy folks!  Sorry this is starting a bit late.  Migraines makes Jake a cranky writer/person/boyfriend and in general a real dick to be around.  That aside, this week I blew the dust of my archived TV series to talk about.  No the bag of tricks is not empty, merely a detour was made around.  As you may have noticed I tend to write about series that hold my interest and not enough of them for the general public so I am getting some TV series of past and present the love and attention that many of you wrote me back about.

Little something for the ladies.

Again I can be reached at the following: and  for all comments, queries and complaints so keep them coming, folks.  Always love some feedback.  I am going to jump in the way back machine as soon as I can gag and bind Sherman and go cruising the timestream with Mr. Peabody.   Or I will just fly around with that madman with the blue box.  Either works.   At this time my co-host Shawn and I will be starting up an Indiegogo beg-a-thon for funds for our podcast Rotten Ramblin' On.   We are just working out the kinks on that and should have it up and running before August.   So without further adieu I present you the week and hope as always, you are amused and informed.   Keep those comments coming in people!

What do you mean Season 111??? Dear God gimme strength!