Monday, July 13, 2015

Drama in Cinema

Hey folks! I was just going over a few writing ideas for the week when my lady love pointed out that I do not embrace drama that often. To which I was overly dramatic and defensive... nah I am in agreement with her in that I do not cover a lot of the heartfelt tear jerkers. The main reason why is while a good story of humans trials, struggles and goals does hold my interest for the day, I normally do not need my heart strings throttled that often.  However, this is not entirely for my own enjoyment but it is also for the readers. That in mind, I will subject myself to the current standing of drama for the last 3 years. Keep in mind that the last 15 years there are too many hybrids between the genres. I have seen comedy dramas, romantic dramas, dramatic horrors, comedic horror films with drama. There is too much mix-mashed now that it gets confusing on how to catalogue it and frankly that is irksome.

Why is the camera so far away?

So I will do my very level best to find drama with only one real tone to it. Think Spielberg's The Color Purple or Schindler's List or Robert Altman's MASH and Gosford Park. Where additional elements of humanity are underlined but at the end of the day this is drama.   Dark and sad things are on the rise throughout this film and you can just suck it up, grab some tissues and marshal through it. While I myself, do not mind the genre it seems several writers and directors cannot simply tell a tale without something evil or zany added to it. I am guessing this is to distract the audience that they are sitting down for a film recanting tales of historical atrocities and if that is the case, why the Hell are you watching in the first place if you do not want to see it??!!! Aside from all this, I still feel that drama is a valid genre in cinema, novels and television and it deserves the respect for those that do NOT over add from the other genres to give it a bit of pep. Let's see what we can find to watch.