Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Henry Rollins Show

Welcome back all. Can you fathom a tattooed loud and passionate lunatic engaged in monologues interviews with a variety of celebrities and live musical performances??? As luck would have IFC (Independent Film Channel) took a chance to have a weekly talk show with our boy Henry not censored or stifled. This is The Henry Rollins Show.

3 bean burrito's revenge!

Each episode Henry has an interview, handles the hard hitting questions like: What project are you on now? Yeah I saw you in the day, how did that get started? Yes even Henry has to adhere to a few pointed questions that while dull to ask, the answers can be quite bizarre. Rollins also has a few host segments and monologues that are key to this show. One would dare say a necessity.

Cool graphic or narcissistic? Only you can decide.

Teeing off is the quick first artillery shells launched at politicians and celebrities that piss him off from the daily or in this case, weekly news. Letters from Henry were based as a satire of open letters aimed at whatever celebrity is annoying the piss out of him that week or he has closely followed their career and can only assume the blood pact they made with the dark lord of he who must not be named is really working out for them thus far. Rollins Reconsiders a very sarcastic "positive" speech made with a few rounds of Photoshop and renders a person with that particular fad that had to be in spite of good taste and common sense i.e. Hemp hoodies, baggy pants and probably parachute pants as well. Sorry Hammer.

This Disquistion: A monologue made by comedian/actress/political activist Janeane Garofalo as free range musings, thoughts of the day or general pent-up rage on issues, people, political agendas and upper one percenters screwing over the work class...all from the comfort of her apartment.

Drawing Conclusions: An animated segment by Lylofilm via Swift River Productions and IFC where Rollins had per-recorded from his stand-up and spoken word tours as with a 2D tradition animation with lovely titles like: Method Acting with Danny DeVito, Junk Mail and A Texas Barbecue with G.W. And Saddam Hussein to name a few. So you can understand how screwy these are.

IFC Soapbox: a debate from both sides of the issue ranging from pornography, R&B to more complicated subjects like war mongering or same sex marriage. Each member is given their own soapbox to stand out and address their take on the problem at hand and express their views. Finishing off the show brings us of course the end credits that were Rollins pays homage to interesting facts about historical figures and the works of actors and directors as well. He has a few passions in his life obviously.

Remember kids, a clean colon is a happy colon.

Starting up on April 1, 2006 brought us our tattooed renaissance madman but alas our 30 minutes of brutal shouting, calm interviewing and poignant speeches tallied only 41 episodes too raw I guess? I would say the lack of a sack from IFC but they do take plenty of risks. DVD box sets available at Best Buy and easily found on Itunes. My guess is Henry cannot be contained on only one stage and must in fact be shared to the world and the residing galaxies!! I could be wrong of course.