Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Sequels: Pumpkin Head II: Blood Wings

Back again my fans of my babble. Boy Camp Blood 4 was boring as hell eh? Well I decided something more mainstream this time around with a sequel of the 1988 indy horror film directed by Stan Winston about a vengeful demon serving the whims of Lance Henriksen and all going to pot. Where else are you going to find Soleil Moon Frye, Blaxploitation actor Gloria Hendry and Bill Clinton's little brother?

This is Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings.

I'm not masturbating!!  Er um, what?

Directed by sequel director Jeff Burr (Stepfather II, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Land of the Lost, Puppet Master 4, Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter and Night of the Scarecrow) and shot in Santa Clarita, Califonia (Ferren Woods) and Stan Winston Studios is away from this job. Enter KNB EFX Group for creature feature works. Flashbacking to the original, Ed Harley put Pumpkinhead down because they were connected psionically destroying the demon's body to only transform into the next Pumpkinhead. Kooky bit of writing ain't it?

In the town of Ferren Woods, Sheriff Braddock (Andrew Robinson of Dirty Harry, House of Evil, The Drowning Pool, Ryan's Hope, Cobra, Hellraiser and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) tries his best to keep order in spite of his rebellious daughter Jenny (Ami Dolenz of General Hospital, Can't Buy Me Love, Ticks, White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II, Virtual Seduction and 2012 Doomsday) decide to go do some crimes as a pathetic attempt to be different from her straight laced parents.

Who loves ya, baby??

This demon would have slept if it wasn't for these pesky teens. A witch name of Miss Osie (Lilyan Chauvin of Silent Night, Deadly Night, Falcon Crest, Death Doll, Predator 2, Universal Soldier, Phatasmagoria and Catch Me If You Can) is attacked for being weird by Marcie, Jenny, Peter, Danny and Paul and inadvertently release Pumpkinhead from his slumber allowing to wreak havoc on the town. Our twits of town hall think this is bear attacks and the mayor named Bubba (Roger Clinton) thinks it would make a great tourist attraction...not exactly the brightest bunny in the carrot patch.

The kids find out that Danny Dixon's father was responsible of killing this Tommy kid 35 years ago and try to ressurect Tommy...only after they hit Ms. Osie with a car prior then thump her on the head, steal her spellbook and blood to bring about Tommy. Tommy returns but in the form of Pumpkinhead proceeds to grease Dixon and his buddies. No sooner are they dispatched Tommy/Pumpkinhead decides to turn on the kids because of what they did Ms Osie. We have plenty of horror cliches such as the Sheriff and town doctor Delilah Pettibone (Gloria Hendry of Hell Up in Harlem, Black Caesar, Live and Let Die, Black Belt Jones and Old School Gangstas) working hand in hand. Will Tommy/Pumpkinhead slay the troublesome teens? Can the Sheriff put an end to this?

This direct-to-video sequel alters the story and expands the whole Pumpkinhead saga in the sense that the creature is similar to that of a golem exacting revenge. We have more than a few faces from horror appearing such as: Linnea Quigley (80s Scream Queen of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Creepozoids, The Return of the Living Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream master), Kane Hodder (Jason Vorhees of Friday the 13th Part 7,8,9 and Jason X) and R.A. Mihailoff (Trancers III, Death Riders, Drive, Revamped, Blood Scarab and Hatchet II). Interestingly enough this film managed to gestate a DOS based in 1995. It was a first-person shooter with no real common sense of how to play it, poor animation and video clips of Pumpkinhead II. Thankfully the film was better than its same named game.

Tee hee! Hijinks!