Monday, March 9, 2015

Bruno Mattei Week

Welcome back readers! Yes I am back, energized and ready to be the sophisticated writer bringing you the majestic side of cinema, describing in detail the fundamentals of each shot, location and what the director and actors were inspired to achieve after enjoying the riveting final draft of the script.

Yeah that's gonna happen. Have you read some of the stink bombs I have reviewed??!! With that in mind we will go into the realm of the obscure and overlooked exploitation director of horror, science fiction, action and exploitation with Italian director Bruno Mattei.

Right now he is envisioning his version of Avatar.

Making his mark in the industry with editing more than 100 flicks between that latter 60s to early 1970s he had his first directorial in 1974's hardcore footage of Jesus Franco's 99 Women, in which he supplied 20 additional minutes of pure adulterated smut. Yup classy beginnings aside he directed two Caligula inspired but blatant rip-offs called Caligula and Messalina and Nero and Poppea: An Orgy of Power. Can you guess there just might be gobs of nudity??? If the answer is yes, well no f**king kidding!

Having breasticles flashed at the camera isn't all he mastered as he has moved into the expanse of horror sub-genres such as: Zombies, Creature Features, Cannibals and Women in Prison films. Of the 54 films directed, 29 of them he wrote as he has trolled the states to find the next new rip-off to create. You see kids, with his extremely low budget for cinema, most of his films have horrific dubbing, oddly translated dialogue and enough gore and nudity to stave off the average horn doggy. Dubbed the Italian Ed Wood may have stuck in his craw a bit but he persevered having a substantial cult following from the VHS, Gen X to the Millennials enjoying his awesomely bad films. From that we can take in these are movies folks are at home giving it the MST3K smack down with vim and vigor. The most predominate sub-genre Mattei was found working in was the Naziploitation flicks that usually revolved around death camps, experiments or stockades and the like. With the clique that it is de Fuhrer's up most important gig that has to be taken seriously. Did I mention gobs of nudity because these were considered erotica as well.

Where is that Goblin music coming from dammit??!!

From ripping off James Cameron and Sly Stallone, International law on plagiarism is a long and pain staking task to prove what was lifted from music, dialogue, characters and even film story ideas so better to just shake your head and rise above it. The man when through a lot of pseudonyms to avoid most of these law suits so good luck on that. Vincent Dawn being the most likely and a nod to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. So worry not my readers, I have a plethora of crap ahead of me and I will go kicking, screaming, gouging and ball kicking all the way into the madness that is Bruno Mattei Week.