Monday, March 23, 2015

Weird West Week

Howdy pardners and welcome to the week!! Now you cowpokes and tenderfoots must be a wonderin' whats a goin'on and well lemme tell ya it is a doozy. Okay let me get away from that form of lingo before it drives me plum loco. I have found a subgenre residing in horror that has existed since the 1926 silent film Haunted Range about a cowboy attempting to solve the murder of his father at the hands of a ghostly apparition known only as The Black Rider.

Jurassic Park Mexico had some setbacks.

This subgenre has been referenced as Weird West, Spaghetti Horror or Western Horrors. Ghost stories, werewolves, vampires and ghouls roaming about. Some demonic and satanic angles and forces of darkness tackling remote towns with little to no law enforcement or even a competent priest to ward off the evils.

This of course falls back to campfire stories of terror told around the trail blazing tales. It hails from anything to the H.P. Lovecraft stories, legends of mythological creatures such as the Chupucabra, ghouls, spectres and demons being raised from the pit. So we shall gaze into Weird West Week and see how these ranch hands, men of God and outlaws deal with the realms of the unknown and the mess it entitles.

Meatloaf of the Old West!!!