Monday, March 16, 2015

Season One Shows

Let's face it, we have seen plenty of shows. Shows that moved us, shows that disgusted us and shows that didn't get enough of a chance at life. Welcome to the week ladies and gents and this week I wanted to do a little TV as I have steered clear of it for a bit.  Ranging from drama, comedy and even a little sci-fi, I thought it good and proper to discuss shows that did not get the opportunity to blossom into a series people would not stop yapping on about * cough * (Walking Dead) and bring more subject matter into our homes for great writing, fine acting and excellent direction.

Ugh, girl parts.  Where do I put my hands?

What if that show isn't allowed to be? What if due to scheduling conflicts, writing strikes, FAR TOO MUCH reality TV and poor Nielson ratings that show is terminated with extreme prejudice? For the week, this week be all about shows that did not get the breath of life past Season One and the fans are still miffed. Let's see why, weigh the pros and cons of each show and the genre it hails from.


For those of you already bored with this idea, well there are better written and well researched blogs out there. Believe it or not, there are actually far poorly constructed ones as well. Clearly I need to make some cleavage shots for this one to boost the ratings. Hmm, lacking boobs so on with the write-ups instead and welcome to Season One Shows.

Patch Adams and Buffy.  Weirdest Crossover yet.