Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Misleading Title Week

Good day and hello. This week I wanted to focus on film titles of which the movie is most predominately known as but are the most baffling or misleading. This ranges from anything of foreign development trying to score a re-release, better DVD quality or typical production hype for a collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray. This commonly happens when the titles operate on a similar theme or genre. Films that fell under public domain or foreign release end up smack dab into a collection of 10 to 100 movies at a time.

Hell even Sauruman doesn't know which Dracula this is.

What happens is frequently these collections are barely altered, cleaned up or given better sound and video life. As a rule you will see the working title in the title cards, the film has more grain than a field of wheat and the sound is mono or a faint stereo. The average movie viewer may end up paying for this film more than 3 or possibly 5 times with these box sets.

What is most perplexing is the need to alter the original title or even the working title that often to secure yet another release that frankly looks worse than the previous ones. My personal favorite is when the film is released several times in a year under alternative titles, box sets and new cover art only to reveal.... SAME CRAPPY MOVIE...

This week seems aptly named as we call this week Misleading Title Week. Be informed. Share and enjoy!

Sheesh, the mast she is in front of isn't as wooden as her acting.