Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blog# 750!!! Summer Blockbusters of 1985 : The Mutilator

Welcome one and all back for Day 4 of Summer Blockbusters of 1985 and this time around I have us a horror film. Now while this particular moving pictures got very little big screen time I wouldn't be appreciating the roots that brought me to movie review in the first place. Digging through the dirt, raw sewage and even the horrors of the five dollar Wal-Mart bin (bleh) I found our little gem of a picture of obscurity as it apparently got decent ratings in spite of most of them were probably made by drunk yahoos renting this on VHS. Originally title Fall Break it was decided that for the video release to have a bit more of a punch up. This is The Mutilator.

Forced laughter says we are ready to die!

Our paradigm of motion picture opens with a woman baking a birthday cake and the place looks so slasher oriented I was surprised that Trevor Moorhouse of Bloody Murder didn't come in and perform a throat cut because that was only gag that was in the budget. The young boy is prepping for his dad Ed's (Jack Chatham of Rockin' Road Trip, The Mutilator and Eddie)birthday and what better way to surprise him than an 12 year old oiling and cleaning pop's rifles. The plot device rifle still has a live round in it and mom get blasted in the back never knowing if Ed liked the cake.

Flash forward to Ed Jr. (Matt Mitler of Spring Break, Galaxy, Deadtime Stories, Breeders, Basket Case 2 and Pokemon) age 20 going on 32 as he tells the teen gang to join him for Fall Break out at the condo because his dad won't mind if they get sloshed or have premarital sex on his beds. The lot of them head out in this feel good tune and that always gets me in the mood for a slasher film. Guess Tom Waits was holding out for more money. The composer Michael Minard made some happy go lucky music for this flick and I am just baffled. Am I off to see gruesome death scenes or on to a picnic?

Beer o' clock behind the wheel!

Written and directed by Buddy Cooper (The Mutilator) brought us this crowning achievement that is a gaggle of teenagers head out to one of the teen's seaside condo because his dad asked him to clean the place up, shut off the electric, gas and obviously get murdered in a horrific and less than realistic way. There is no red herring to speak of when clearly Big Ed as he is referenced is off his meds and has waiting close to 8 years to get revenge for the accidental murder of his wife. Why Ed Jr.'s friends have to be sacrificed to the madness??? Well... I am guessing he didn't want witnesses. Will the kids die in ridiculous over the top fashion? Are the local authorities as useless as they are in almost every slasher film?

Here are some facts about our magnum opus now.

In the script Big Ed was supposed to be killed when he was ripped in two by a turnstile bridge but I guess the stunt was deemed too dangerous and they had to re-write it from there. The original title Fall Break was deemed too light-hearten and cutesy so the VHS covers has decent taglines such as: Their horrifying vacation was no day at the beach and By pick, by axe, by sword, bye bye!!

Deemed a Video Nasty this film was released in two versions, the first being unrated and the latter a solid R rating. Luckily yours truly got the unrated version and soo thrilled to sat through it. I saw a film of smoke on a car's windscreen that looked more interesting.

Johovah's Witnesses are brutal!