Monday, June 22, 2015

Shut Up Wesley Week!

Welcome back my fine cadre of readers to the week. What week will it be? Glad you all collectively asked as this week will be Star Trek themed. Yes, space... Okay, I am not writing that lengthy babble for the final frontier out but you get the general idea.

Jeepers, this sweater is itchy.

Now before you all start rolling your eyes , I decided that we would look at a character. While I have already had a week for the actor in question showing his ranging in acting, voice acting and writing we are not looking at Wil Wheaton but in fact, his Star Trek character that was beloved by many and loathed by others. A genius IQ at a young age attempting to bond with his peers all the while working with adults. The isolation alone should be enough for a young lad to feel out of place. Constantly annoying adults with thought provoking questions and coming up with solutions prior to them did utter the wrath of, "Shut up, Wesley!"

This week we show when Wesley Crusher has been vital to the mission in spite of senior officers not taking it in to account. Also I felt bad for Wil having a character that apparently was not allowed to screw up. As you progress through the seasons, you see Wesley had more hurdles than most of his peers EVER had to contend with, and frankly the pressures of being mature before your years can be stifling to you as a gifted youngster that also received this with only academics thankfully. Another blessing to my folks for not enrolling me into some ridiculous higher learning program that would have driven me to a bell tower with a high-powered rifle.Guess that is life in the 28th century.  No art, comedy, written works for you Earthers.  Just get out there and plunder, er I mean explore strange new worlds and new civilizations.    Wil Wheaton may finally come to terms with what is genuinely, a cool gig for a Trekkie to be on. With this in mind, we look at Mr. Crusher and his many life's conflicts and difficulties.

Hmm, wonder what I would look like with a beard?  Can I grow a beard?