Monday, June 1, 2015

David Tennant Week

Hello and welcome back to the dark recesses of my mind. Last week I went AWOL(Absent WithOut Leave) due to the fact of trying to find a decent at home job. However, the great state of Nebraska is so greedy and myopic with view they have annexed many an at home job offers away that it is very difficult to find something with decent hours and fair pay. Y'know, like any other job market out there but worry not because we shall carry on regardless.

OooOo sat on myself.  Stings a bit.

This week I have chosen an actor to follow and hopefully I can drill it in the heads of several Americans that the fellow in question has done more than one character on TV as well as a few movies. He is an acclaimed Shakespearean actor that has starred in several plays, one of which was Much To Do About Nothing with his co-star Catherine Tate. He has played legendary debaucherous and decadent Cassanova to a hardened Detective Inspector Carlisle. He has been in Doctor Who for more than 4 years including two animated movies and a video game.

Voice work also allowed him to children material such as The Pirates! Band of Misfits, How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I speak of none other than David Tennant. This week we shall see the famous 10th Doctor in other roles of both past and present. Okay so it is a bit of a time lord feel but sue me, it is the easiest look for me to cosplay.

That being said, let's start the week right. Allons-y!!

Just establishing I have more female and male fans panting over me, Matt.