Thursday, June 4, 2015

David Tennant Week: What We Did on Our Holiday

Well hello all and welcome back for Day 4 of David Tennant Week. As it has been pointed out, our lanky Scot has done a bit more than running about in Converse and a sharp suit and today is no exception at all. This time around we see him in a family oriented comedy about a couple having marital problems, three kids and the need to put on a strong face for the sake of others. This is What We Did on Our Holiday.

You missed the turn.

Doug McLeod (David Tennant not the Highlander's Christopher Lambert or Adrian Paul) and his wife Abi (Rosamund Pike of Die Another Day, Pride & Prejudice, Jack Reacher and Gone Girl) are united in a very tense separation decided to to travel with the kids to the Highlands to visit Doug's father Gordie (Billy Connolly of The Imposters, Still Crazy, The Boondock Saints, Beautiful Joe and Who Is Cletis Tout?) for his 75th birthday, as the may be his last birthday ever due to cancer. Doug and Abi both agree they do not want Gordie to go to his grave knowing his son and his own family are falling apart. Doug's brother Gavin (Ben Miller of The Armstrong and Miller Show, The Parole Officer, Birthday Girl, Johnny English and The Prince and Me), a millionaire many times over wants to throw a lavish party for Gordie and has invited the whole neighborhood that grew up with this warm man.

Chasing women and buses can leave ya behind, laddie.

That in mind they are attempting a long distance drive with each other and the kids are starting to wear down from the arguments and shouting. Eldest daughter Lottie (Emilia Jones of House of Anubis, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Doctor Who, Utopia and Residue) decides that Gordie deserves the truth and she is going to rat out the folks and how it is hurting her, her brother Mickey (Bobby Smalldridge of Foster, Casualty, Topsy and Time and Cockroaches)and sister Jess (Harriet Turnbull of What We Did on Our Holiday) seeking advice from an adult that isn't disgruntled, moody or shouting every twelve minutes. Clearly she has never seen Billy Connolly's comedy acts and thank God for that. Brilliant man but filthier than a New York pigeon.

Doug and Gavin apparently have a huge rift and more sibling rivalry than imaginable. They start in on each other about meeting responsibility, family matters and even who was the favorite and so on. Will things be sorted? Will Gordie have to smack both his boys for being complete twits??

A few points to make about the film now. Everything I have discussed is revealed within the first 15 minutes of the movie setting a tone of dysfunction but warmth. These events unfold in a nice, slow and methodical period which is something you should look for in a film. As much as I love seeing Billy Connolly, David Tennant and Rosamund Pike interacting and playing off each other, the kids will leave you with sore stomachs from laughing. The scene with Jess and her stones that happen to be her friends will charm you to no end.

Why I am not ginger??!!!