Friday, June 5, 2015

David Tennant Week: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

Hello all and welcome to Day 5 of David Tennant Week. Well we have seen plenty of examples of Tennant's range as an actor giving well rounded performances on drama, family films and even playing a loony. And I wouldn't be a fan if I didn't at least throw in one Doctor Who episode. So sue me, I really enjoyed it. This time around you will see a nice throwback to the classic series as we have not one, not two but three doctors tackling both the Daleks and the shape-shifting aliens the Zygons. This is Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor.

Brainy specs in stereo.

In celebration of the series meeting the 50th anniversary since it was aired in 1963, Steven Moffat (who did not sit on a toffet) gathered his fellow writer minions to create a conclusion to several of the story arcs left open by the regeneration of the series when then Doctor (Christopher Eccelson) described in tears the Great Time War. The final conflict between the Daleks of Skaro and the Timelords of Gallifrey. However... due to other film obligations, Eccelson could not reapprise his former timelord role.

Bummer says the Whovians but we move on as we explore this particular story is in fact centered around the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith of Party Animals, The Street, Moses Jones, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Lost River) and current companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman of Emmerdale, Waterloo Raod, Captain America: The First Avenger, Titanic and Room at the Top) as they are off to more adventures when suddenly, a plot device airlifts the TARDIS to London National Gallery courtesy of the newly reformed UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce, formerly United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) chief scientist Kat Stewart, daughter of the late Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Apologies all around but a mystery has occurred that only the Doctor can handle.

Why couldn't one of the boys carry this satchel?

Finding a piece of art made of a temporal bubble preserving Arcadia the Gallifreyan city during the Time War bringing the haunting memories of being a different Doctor then and ending his own people and the Daleks. It would appear that it isn't the only unusual period piece as there are several painting in the gallery missing their characters and as well as a portrait in 16th century with Queen Elizabeth and her consort (David Tennant), a chap with fabulous hair and normally donning a smart suit and tie.

Time fissures open in several points in the Doctor's lives as 10 encounters 11. Baffled about them interfering with each others lives, a third man (John Hurt of The Elephant Man, Alien, King Lear, Watership Down, Hellboy and V for Vendetta) sporting a Steampunk look and sonic screwdriver also appears. What cosmic MacGuffin occurred to bring these three radically different yet the same men together? What is the monster lurking in the shadows that must be stopped??? Will the Doctors banter with each other carrying on that tradition?

Just a handful of facts on this film/TV episode.

This 75 minute episode was shot in both HD and stereoscopic 3D and sent to a plethora of theaters around the planet. Shown on the telly on November 23rd and 24th, this episode was viewed by no less than 94 countries and over 1500 theatres worldwide. Having attended a fully packed movie theatre in true 10th brown suit and tie it was 3D and full of many jokes, heartache and guest appearances.   An additional 12.8 million viewers in Britain alone and another 3.2 million viewer requests for iPlayers. This was the second appearance of the aliens known as Zygons which had not been seen by TV viewers since 1975.  

Do you want to "handle" my screwdriver?