Friday, June 26, 2015

Shut Up Wesley Week: The Icarus Factor

And a fine greetings to you all for Day 4 of Shut Up Wesley Week. Well we have seen our wee fledgling interfere with plans, takeovers and possibly even have time to moon over girls but... does Wesley know what to do with with Lt. Worf? Such an imposing man must be difficult to read at all times so why not read up on his culture? Commander Riker attending his very estranged father's command is coming to terms with things left unsaid and whether or not his is ready to command his own ship. This is The Icarus Factor.

Did you have it lanced, Wesley?

Commander Riker has been offered a difficult assignment as the new captain of the Aries exploring a frontier in unexplored space. His father former Starfleet tactical Kyle Riker (Mitchell Ryan of North and South, Northstar, Lethal Weapon, Santa Barbara, Renegade, Speechless, Dharma & Greg and Justice League) comes with Will's transfer orders and beaming with pride that he will be tackling his first major assignment without having to answer to anyone but Starfleet. Will Riker feels differently about the Enterprise and finds value in his work, his crew and his career at current. Kyle tries to mend fences as neither of these men have really spoken to each other for a very long time but Will feels too little too late.

So then he says, Klingon bastards killed my son.  I did not understand.

Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn of ChiPs, Gargoyles, Aaahh!! Real Monsters, Cow and Chicken, Star Trek: Deep Space, Superman: The Animated Series, Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate II- Shadows Amn and The Super Hero Squad Show) feeling irritable and stringent to be lost in his duties, only Wesley seems to really notice something is bothering him. With the advice of both Data and LaForge, Wesley looks into Klingon culture studying up on it half the night to discover that a time honored tradition will pass Worf by and disrupt his spiritual path to being a true warrior.

With the information at hand, Wesley, Data and LaForge wish to attend a holodeck version of the 10th year of ascension where a warrior moves to a higher spiritual plateau but they are keeping a secret from Worf.

Will and Kyle meet up several times in this episode and each attempt always ends in snark, disgruntlement and both men having the need to be right. Pride goeth before a fall, fellas. With that in mind, Dr. Pulaski and Counselor Troi tries to reach both men with little to no success and feel that only the boys can sort out their own issues and hopefully their collective counseling has reached them if only on a minute level.

Will Riker and his father come to some terms? Can Wesley and his conspirators pull off the surprise party for Worf? Will Picard ever get a girl?

A few points of interest now. All the Klingon costumes were already made for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier but most of the boots hailed from The Planet of the Apes TV Show shot many moons ago also through Paramount. John Tesh co-host for Entertainment Tonight volunteered to act as a holographic Klingon in the ritual filming.   

Damn that Romulan Ale goes right through you.