Friday, September 25, 2015

Evil Dead Games: Army of Darkness: Defense

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! This is Day 5 of Evil Dead Games. We are moving app games this time around. Yeah it looks like Evil Dead: Regeneration is our last console/PC game thus far. Given the impending Ash Vs Evil Dead series premiere in October 31st it is feasible that another game is in the works. Until that glorious concept, we have the app game available for Windows, Apple and Android by Backflip Studios (Paper Toss, Paper Toss: World Tour, Harbor Havoc 3D, Strike Knight and Tunnel Shoot) This Army of Darkness: Defense.

Boomstick action!!

Army of Darkness: Defense is a tower defense game involving improved weapons and leveling up both "The Chosen One" and his knights on a 2-D side scrolling bout of battles with humans vs deadites. Trying to incorporate elements of not only the universe of the Army of Darkness but aspects of the story as well. You will need to upgrade the boomstick which cheap to upgrade as you earn coins for shotgun damage, melee attacks via chainsaw and health. You create units made up of Peasant, Swordsman, Spearman, Sword-Boy, Armored Guard, Horseman and Torch-Boy. You can add the characters Wiseman, Henry and Arthur but only one of those three.

Castles are defended by Archers up on the wall and catapults. 

Peasants make great deadite shields.

 Early Waves of the deadites can be thwarted with swordsmen but you don't need to upgrade them right away until you get the Sword-Boy. Even the peasants with swords are pretty effective.

Middle Waves need you to bring out the heroes whenever possible. Horsemen gets into the battle right into the crap ASAP but your peasants are too weak for that kind of action.

The Latter Waves get rough so you need to prep the following: Arthur because his health range is so huge and he has an company of archers which are cheap and easily upgraded.

You lead your knights into a series of fights against the deadites from buying up attacks like Arrow Volley damaging and cooking enemies in an area of effect and the Deathcoaster (the 88 Delta Oldsmobile modified to cut down deadites).

The fans of the film will love the game and it didn't disappoint me at all. I am not really a huge tower defense fan but this little side scroller was entertaining. The leveling has price indexes or you take your time at it but nothing against leveling slowly.

Even the King gets damaged, baby.