Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Zombie Stew: Nightmare City

Hey kids welcome back for Day 2 of Zombie Stew. Gets better if it's left in the fridge. Say howabout a zombie film from the director that brought us the cannibal films of Eaten Alive! And Cannibal Ferox?? No?? No one interested?? TOO BAD!!! We are going over it anyway! No, no!! Don't pass out on me now!! Writer and director of Eurocult or Europloitation Umberto Lenzi (Samson and the Slave Queen, Messalina vs. The Son of Hercules, Pistol for a Hundred Coffins, Paranoia, The Manhunt, Da Corleone a Brooklyn, Ghosthouse and Cop Target) brings us radioactivity and mad, enraged, melee wielding zombies roaming the streets of an otherwise unnamed European city. (Mostly Rome, Italy or Madrid, Spain) This is Nightmare City.

Zombie Time!!!

With the man that brought us "Make Them Die Slowly" comes a tale of gore, random boobies and a bit of different zombies. With a report to be made on a radioactive spill in a nearby town the professor in charge will give all the details to reporter Dean (Hugo Stiglitz of La ley de la mafia, Escuadron suicida, Tequila, Cobra silenciosa and Bulldog) and his trusty cameraman. At the airport the plane does not answer the proper hails and seems to land at a runway of its choosing. Naturally Fire and Rescue ala Spain are dispatched along with the airport police and apparently a small UNIT regiment.

Vacating the plane is the proffesor and several of the crew as they go completely bananas and start attacking anyone in arm's length. Somehow retaining some of their rudimentary intelligence our zombies can use firearms and melee weapons...although they do not seem to understand the need to reload but that is okay, they have fall back zombie strength, knives and thumping sticks aplenty. By the way, we are at the 8:45 minute mark so it kinda sets a tone there. Yeah the tone is lots of throat slashing and gutting going on with several squib blood packets squirting away. With the entire tower personnel, airport security and police completely wiped out we need to cut away to... a jazzercise infomercial? Oh sorry I meant a disco dance collective troupe. Oh please fast paced, weapon wielding zombies, eat them. If that wasn't kooky enough, the zombies seem to drive cars as well. Yup motor skills and motorist skills as well. They just seem to be bloodsucking mutes.

I think I have something on my contact.

General Murchison (Mel Ferrer of Lili. War and Peace, The Longest Day, Falcon Crest, Seduced, Hotel, Christine Cromwell and Eye of the Widow) a four star general of the Air Force or perhaps the Army puts a big clamp down on any broadcast until they have the situation well in hand. Spineless jackrabbit boss shows his little yellow belly to the general and Dean quits. Heading out to find his wife Anna (Laura Trotter of Obscene Desire, Gege Bellavita, The Warning, Nightmare City, Rush, Miami Golem and Close Friends) while the madness continues, Dean cannot help but wonder what is the cause of it all and can it be stopped. The Civil Defense concludes due to the mass rads our flesh eaters absorbed they need fresh blood as well as flesh. So they are rad feral ghoul vampires??

A few words on the moving pictures of the day.

Hugo Stiglitz was Lenzi's choice over Franco Nero (DJANGO DAMMIT!!) and I cannot help but think he would have given the zombies the steely gray eyes and they would have panicked away.

Predominately Mexican and Spanish actors with Italian and Spanish extras my only real complaint is the zombie make-up that seemed like a standard look as it looked like month old oatmeal smeared on their heads and some coloring added to it. Limbs, gut wounds and even headshots were pretty decent for the year of 1980. Heck even the blood coloring was not that bright red almost solvent paint color from the 60s and the 70s. The editing in the film is very fast paced with some cheesy dialogue but what do you want from dubbed lines? The nudity is...well yeah there is a fair amount of it around the movie. So if you love the Euro/Spanish horrors and are a fan of random zombie attacks followed by topless girls then this my friends, is your film.

Whew! Almost had a black box moment there.