Monday, September 21, 2015

Evil Dead Games

Well folks, October is almost here. The time of Halloween, prepping for Trick or Treaters, ridiculous outfits on popular TV and Film themes and far too many of the "sexy or slutty" costumes favored by men and women alike. As the Walking Dead will make its seasonal comeback, there lies another story. A story that invokes demonic possession, ancient burial rites and incantations. A book that was never meant for the eyes of humanity. Liber mortuorum or the Book of the Dead. While fiction will simply refer to it as the Necronomicon and the poor sap that encountered it and its effects no less than three times. I speak of the character that launched actor boy Bruce Campbell into film and TV. Ashley "Ash" Williams. Many of you have seen the Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn and Army of Darkness.

You got guts!.. on my chainsaw.

30 years have past since this phenomenon swept the VHS generation by storm and it has created fan fics, comic books, merchandise ranging from action figures to T-shirts. Director Sam Raimi, Producer Rob Tapert and actor Bruce Campbell joked numerous times on saying, "We'll get back to Ash when we are old and grey." No truer words have been spoken since the boys are back courtesy of Starz. 10 episodes are slotted for viewing pleasure and it looks to be bloody, crazy and more than a few old man jokes aimed at Bruce by Sam no doubt. But did you know there are more than a handful of video games based on Evil Dead ranging as far back as 1984??

This week we look at the evolution of the movie that brought us laughter, grossed us out and made this franchise what it is through the games that were inspired by it. It may be piss poor graphics, maybe the stories will seem over the top or damn silly. We will soldier through it nevertheless.

So grab a boomstick, gas up your chainsaw and try to remember every single syllable dammit.

It's Evil Dead Games Week as we hail the king of deadite slaying.

What the hell is that??  That thing offscreen.