Monday, September 14, 2015

SG-1 Revisited: Window of Opportunity

Howdy folks and welcome to Stargate SG-1 Revisited for Day 1. Our episode revolves around a geomagnetic storm caused by solar wind shock wave or a magnetic field with the Earth's magnetic field creating a temporal loop. Can the SG-1 team get back on track? This is Window of Opportunity.

Why Fruit Loops??

On a mission on, SG-1 works with an alien archaeologist Malikai (Robin Mossley of The Sports Pages, Elf, Two for the Money, Connors' War, Painkiller Jane and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour) and a series of ruins and a large altar device left by the Ancients and is working with Daniel Jackson to study the ruins and the device as well. Carter is measuring the solar radiation when the stargate opens up from the planet and Earth while a beam emits from the device and then... O'Neill is in the mess hall with Daniel being poignant and passionate but Jack was spacing off and eating.

They proceed to General Hammond are set to go to planet P4X-639 and both O'Neill and Teal'c claim to have previous knowledge of the mission. Dr. Fraiser does a check-up on both fellows and all is well. Before the Scooby gang can go to their mission an unscheduled off-world activation happens and... Jack is back to his breakfast and Daniel is waiting for Jack's response... Yes we looped again and again.

No, I do not want a rectal thermometer!

Daniel suggests that Jack and Teal'c loop again they need to go with him to his lab and help him translate it. After what clearly was a few weeks they are making headway but both Jack and Teal'c have lost track of the days. At some point it looks like madness is about to ensue but the guys take a few loops off. Get some games in, take a few pottery lessons, some juggling and even a few golf swings.

So with shenanigans galore plus the ongoing concern of will they ever get out of the loop, stop Malikai from activating it and God only knows how much damage this device is causing around the universe linked to an existing wormhole. What Daniel deciphers with Jack and Teal'cs help they find out the device in question is actually supposed to be a time machine... that is not a blue box or a DeLorean. Shame shame Ancients. Always go for something with a little style. According to the translation, the device was made and tested but found it could not prevent the outgoing plague it was meant to be overted so they gave up on it. Malikai insists he is close to perfecting it but there is a tiresome and exhausted expression on his face that says even he doesn't believe in his work anymore.

Will the SG-1 crew be able to stop Malikai? Are they doomed to rinse, lather and repeat? Is there no end to Jake's horrible jokes??

Some points of trivia now.

The fruit loops on Jack's spoon were glued in place to ensure continuity between time loops, hence not eating that spoonful of cereal. At almost every sci-fi and/or Stargate convention, Christopher Judge (Teal'c) claims that he hit the golf ball through the Stargate, Richard Dean Anderson could not, even after multiple takes and attempts. Finally a CGI ball was made to complete the scene.

This episode deals in good humor and dark seriousness. It is light and pithy one minute and grounded in drama the next and makes for what most SG fans as a great episode to start people on the series as it is one of the best episodes and I have to concur.

Still not sure why they keep calling me "Pretty Boy".