Friday, September 18, 2015

SG-1 Revisited: Fair Game

Day 3 of SG-1 Revisited starts off with a large gambit, a gambit for the planet and all the lives of the Earth. Sounds dangerous? Well how about not even being a big kid to speak at the table and just being the host. Yeah that could suck but when you lack a fleet of starships to do battle with your opponents it is understandable. Back to Season Three, Episode 3 for a bizarre chain of events to unfold. This is Fair Game.

Do you mind? I am on the throne.

Back in Cheyenne Mountain via Stargate Command, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Arthur Simms. Visits and gives a speech on behalf of the work they do defending not merely the country and its way of life but putting their lives on the line to defend our very planet. Applause all around as General Hammond tells all attending to be at attention in order to honor Captain Carter's promotion to Major. Colonel O' Neill removes Carter's...Captain insignia (You pervs, behave!) and replaces them with those of a Major before Hammond and O' Neill salute her. Jack of course is required to make a speech and he is never really good at the stirring speeches that don't involve kicking ass and taking names but he musters up his courage in front of crowds and beamed out of the SGC and on to Thor's ship.

I sat on a tack!

Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgardian Empire (voiced by Michael Shanks) tells Jack of an impending conference the Goa'uld System Lords will parlay into rather than destroy Earth for their meddling in their territories. So Thor has offered Earth a membership to the Asgardian Protected Planets Treaty so the System Lords do not wish to face the Asgardian Fleet. Thor ports his way to the SGC and informs Hammond of the treaty terms that as Earth is the planet in question up for strike that it is only fair that the negotiations take place here. They will set the negotiations at SGC and O'Neill will represent all of Earth, per the Asgardians' wishes. of which he feels Daniel would be better suited doing but the Asgards think otherwise as he was the leader taking his teams into dangerous situations and coming out on top in spite of being a technologically inferior race.

Doctor Jackson proceeds give the historical lowdown on what Earth knows of legends and myths of the System Lords Cronus (Ron Halder of Antitrust, Stargate SG-1, Spider-Man Unlimited, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, X-Men: Evolution, Kong: The Animated Series and Death Note) Yu-huang Shang Ti (Vince Crestejo of Level 9, Dark Angel, Cold Squad, Christmas Rush, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Continuum)said to have been the Dragon or one of China's greatest emperors and lastly the Indian god of death and destruction Nirrti (Jacqueline Samuda of Wolf Lake, Stargate SG-1, See Grace Fly, Wilder Days, Sub Zero and A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story). All in all, a swell bunch to be at your back door. Will Thor be able to deal with the System Lords? Can Jack not say something that will get the planet blown to bits?

A few facts of this episode now.

This was deemed an exercise in using folks that had never before appeared on camera. Jacqueline Samuda was a story editor for the show and given a major role as a Systems Lord? The same can be said of Vince Crestejo who at best was a stuntman and double for more than a few lesser characters on SG-1 and now made also a Systems Lord. And the gambit paid off well. Just goes to show you, you can never predict who will make a good actor or not.

Jack, did you float an air biscuit?