Thursday, September 10, 2015

Zombie Stew: Cemetery Man

Howdy and welcome back to Zombie Stew for Day 3 of the madness. With a cemetery that is only watched by the gravedigger and the nightwatchman man there is more than enough activity to bring adventure and terror all in one sitting. With the risk of losing his job, the undead over running the living and in general, making his life hell, Francesco Dellamorte must handle these legion of flesh eaters with the assistance of his sidekick. This is Dellamore Dellamorte a.k.a. Cemetery Man.

Mmm nic stick!

Ever vigilant in the cemetery of Buffalora, a small village in the north of Italy seems to have a nasty penchant corpses rising out of their tombs so Dellamorte (Rupert Everett of Arthur the King, Duet for One, The Comfort of Strangers, Ready to Wear, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shrek 2, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking, Stardust and The Other Wife) has taken it upon himself as duties of nightwatchman man to deal with the undead and bury them again. Aiding him in his struggles of the nonliving is his mute sidekick Gnaghi (Francois Hadji-Lazaro of Cemetery Man, The City of Lost Children, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Dante 01) and live goes on dull as before...with roaming zombies. Some people seem to simply return after the seventh night of their death.

Well that will spoil the flesh eating.

Dellamorte is not exactly certain why this happens but he is simply just doing his job whether it is bashing brains in with a walloping shovel in the skull or simply putting a bullet in the head with homemade dum dum or hollow point bullets does the best. Dellamorte's only true friend is Marco (Anton Alexander of King David, EastEnders, Cemetery Man, Through the Eyes of Another, The Power of Three, The Novel and Romeo & Juliet) a clerk that explains how long the paperwork will take to file in order for Dellamorte to get an investigation going on why the cemetery is as it is. Easier to shoot them.

It's only a model.

At a funeral Dellamorte's heart skips a beat at the gorgeous young widow (Anna Falchi of Nel continente, L'affaire, The Dragon Ring, Celluloid, Paparazzi, Operazione Rosmarino, Bambini and Silent Night) of a rich and older man. Enchanted by her as spends every day replacing the flowers of her husband's grave they become interested in each other but will it take him away from his duties that he has sworn to do. Will the cemetery be closed down? Will Dellamorte ever have a life beyond the dead? Will Gnaghi ever overcome his shyness and have an astounding operatic singing voice?

A few points of interest on the film now.

All the zombies or Returners as Dellamorte calls them are practical effects and each and every one of them look unique and different. The characters and story hails from comic book writer/novelist Tiziano Sclavi (creator of Dylan Dog, Nero, Dellamore Dellamorte and Vittima degli eventi) and our director Michele Soavi (The Church, Stage Fright: Aquarius, The Goodbye Kiss, Political Target and Blood of the Losers) is protege of Dario Argento so you know his mind was warped at an early age.

With the copious amount of crane shots, POV, handheld and anamorphic lens coupled with its bizarre and wonderfully written content, I do recommend this for a different take on the zombie lore. Be advised, parental units there is a fair degree of nudity and sexual content as well so may want the little ones to vacate. 

Sheesh even the dead wanna see this girl nude.