Monday, October 19, 2015

Savage Titles

Welcome back everyone that is still reading this blog. I compliment you on your unique tastes. I was on IMDB recently. Internet Movie Database for those that do not inhabit as often as I. I noticed the repetition of many things. For horror sequels, The Final Chapter is very common and never truly seems to end the franchise in question. The word fine is popular for most romantic comedies and the word savage seems to bounce back and forth for many a genre.

Exploitation pays the bills, baby.

After giving do this oddity, I proceeded to research a myriad of titles ranging from exploitation such as Women in Prison films, Horror and even some Sci-fi. What is the appeal of the word "savage"? Not sure but I am bound and determined to find out and that brings us to the topic of the week. Selecting different titles and having no knowledge of each film so they could be gems or absolute turds. So business as usual.

I invite you to read of my viewing pleasure and/or suffering and maybe, just maybe, we will find some entertainment ahead. At the very least we may have films in need of riffing, which also fun.

Welcome to Savage Titles!!! 

Sci-fi get silly? Preposterous!