Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sequels Rebound: Slumber Party Massacre III

Welcome back for Day 2 of Sequels Rebound and let me just say that I have not found any gems thus far. Well for this continuation we had an insane mental patient with a power drill fetish, an Andrew Dice Clay Freddy Kruger hybrid dream demon and now...even less connection to the original other than our psycho uses a giant post hole digger drill. Yes let us join Jackie Cassidy and her friends at what may be the last slumber party of their lives. This is Slumber Party Massacre III.

Gee, I wonder what the guy's intentions are?

Jackie Cassidy (Keely Christian of A Brand New Life, Married with Children, Hollywood Boulevard II, Growing Pains, Charles in Charge and Earth Angel) invites her girlfriends after playing on the beach to her parents' house. Mom and Dad are away which means...SLUMBER PARTY!!!! As depicted by writer Catherine Cyran (writing research conducted by a 12 year old boy), the girls want to bring booze, food and public domain tunes rule! Shockingly enough even at a slumber party there lies in await a pooper for said party.

Bent on destruction, murder and probably blowing up someone's thunderbucket from those Buffalo Wild Wings they had 3 hours prior. A crazed nutter butter among all the red herrings. We have creeper stalker house hunter guy, Morgan (Michael Harris of Santa Barbara, Suture, Sleepstalker, Babylon 5: A Call to Arms and Finding Bliss) our creeper goth guy that is only named The Weirdo (Yan Birch of The People Under the Stairs, Sucker, Bless the Child and Essence of Echoes) and the Killer name of Ken (Brittain Frye of Less Than Zero, Santa Barbara, Veiled Threat, Dallas and In Search of a Woman) who is blond haired and blue eyed. CLEARLY EVIL!

Rich white kids can't resist the game of: Kick the Hobo.

After a friend of theirs died, hadn't shown up and everyone rags on her how she didn't bring the hamburgers for their cook out, they order a pizza instead and of course as many straight sexually oriented girls do, they dare two of their friends to striptease in front of them...again could only came from a research guide of the mental age of 12.

A few of the doofs the girls are marginally interested crash the party, start porking away and then almost 30 minutes later, another death scene. Death by plug-in vibrator tossed in a bathtub! Yup you read it here! Death by vibrator!! While a few run for help, the others proceed to Scooby Doo their way around the house convinced maybe the killer is still inside! So rather than piling up in the cars, zipping over to the cop shop, chewing the cops out for ignoring their pleas for help and mercy and getting the killer thrown in jail... they mildly arm themselves and dink around some more. In a weak ass attempt to link the film with the first one, Ken's Uncle Billy was supposed to be the mental patient from the first movie.

So what did we learn from this cinematic experience?

Well while this was professionally shot, blocked, sound and lit properly, the material is flawed, the acting was over the top and really they just needed an excuse to show some topless shots. In October 10th of 2010 marked the first time this film was released in a 2 DVD disk set with its predecessor Slumber Party Massacre II. There is no real new concept to be had.  Just an insane guy drilling cute ditzy girls to death and none of them deserved it overall.

Psst doll, stop looking at the camera.   Oh whatever.