Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zombies for Halloween

Well folks, Halloween is almost upon us and I felt like cheating for the year because...well I have covered every Halloween movie except the Rob Zombie remakes and nothing against them but there is only two of those films and you got the vibe he was begrudged to take the sequel. Again, nothing against these movies as I felt he created his own Michael Myers story arc away from Carpenter's pure evil. So I decided the easiest thing to review would be a fair amount of zombie films. Now while these are not always been my favorite thing in the world to review, I thought it would be simple enough to gander. Coupled with I was sent a zombie film to review via in the mail. I sense more than a few more films to review so I will be setting up a P.O. Box for more movies to look at.

Maybe he is just doing laundry.

Zombie movies while easy as pie to go through again I have a substantial and ridiculous fear of the shambling dead. Yup, it is stupid considering I have seen over 347 zombie movies but you must press on from this nonsense. A mild issue I grant you but a straightforward concept to contend with. So I have at least two films to review by request and at least two more to find. Could do a recent or perhaps a latter one and hope for the best.

Given most zombie films are based before, during or after an outbreak, they can surprise you. Occasionally you will luck out with a murderous and clever story like the French cinematics The Horde or you end up with a festering, stinky turd like Zombie Lake. It is a roll of the die and a silent prayer that Lady Luck has not abandoned you. So let's give a look to the rotters and hope for the best.

Skeletor does not approve!!