Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Savage Titles: Savage Vengeance

Savage Titles return for Day 3 and boy I am regretting this decision for the week but here it goes. An American slasher/rape revenge story brought to us by director Donald Farmer (Demon Queen, Cannibal Hookers, Vampire Cop. Red Lips, Chainsaw Cheerleaders and Hi-8 Horror Independent 8) so feel free to cringe, slink away and hide under the bed. This film is deemed the official unofficial sequel to the controversial 1978 rape revenge film I Spit on Your Grave and well it is...kinda. This is Savage Vengeance.
Night Ranger on the prowl!

Shocking enough is how many alternative titles are under this festering pile of reindeer droppings. Fifteen years after the original film our movie stars the original girl Camille Keaton under the pseudonym Vickie Kehl and because of legal rights issues none of the footage from I Spit on Your Grave could be used but that's okay... we still got the actress so let's just create new footage for the flashbacks. We return with Jennifer (Camille Keaton of Sex of the Witch, I Spit on Your Grave, No Justice, Holy Hollywood, and The Lords of Salem) for a lengthy driving sequence as she oddly enough goes into the woods with a book to relax and enjoy herself only to get gang raped. Now it is at this point you could argue, say lady don't remember this happening last time? But again we are dealing with an unofficial sequel based on the bad dubbing as Jennifer seems poorly inserted for dialogue. Almost like the director didn't count on getting Camille Keaton for the film.

Elvis has a splitting headache.

So four guys jump in the woods and leave her for dead. Hmm seems a bit similar. 5 years later she is not charged with all the murders of her rapists and so she gets into law school.   She goes to a very similar woodland setting with her friend Sam (Linda Lyer of Savage Vengeance) and I am sorry but if this very traumatic event happened to me, I would be nowhere near the woods. In fact I would probably vacation with hired ex-military recon fully armed.

The main scumbags are known as Tommy (played by director Donald Farmer) and Dwayne (Phil Newman of Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, Vampire Cop, Savage Vengeance and Growing Hair)and there are most definitely not to be trusted. Tommy and Dwayne kill Sam outright and yup you guessed it, jumps Jennifer and leave her for dead. Yeah this repetition can't make for a dull viewing pleasure, can it?  Jennifer pulls herself back from the near grave and it is at this point where I am nominating her for supernatural powers. The good ole boy sheriff drags his feet and might as well be playing beer pong with his deputies as he isn't any closer to making headway into this case. This clown couldn't finish a case of beer. The boys treat themselves for a night on the town as they go and get blotted after a job well done... if that could be ever considered a job.

Will Jennifer get her revenge...again? Will these slimeballs get their reward in Hell?

What did I learn from this movie?

Well shooting on VHS in the woods with day for night lighting looks crappy on any format. The re-format to 35 mm does not help this POS VHS abomination.   The movie doesn't look really finished and only clocks in at an hour and 5 minutes but brother does it drag on. So much padding was needed because Camille Keaton walked off the set of this unoriginal garbage so the ending is very abrupt.

Filmed in '88 but Farmer apparently could not get a release date to video until '93. Yeah your film is so bad that five years have to pass before we can think of subjecting this on the public. Well not surprised this was a turd but what can you expect on a film shot on VHS then translated to 35 mm? 
Find me a good one of those.

Elvis, I see a sad future for you.