Monday, October 12, 2015

Sequels Rebound!

Hello my readers and welcome back to the week. Now this time around I thought I would look at some forgotten sequels of the Horror genre.  Yes I know I did this same cop out almost a year ago but I have found some real stinkers that need to be addressed, mocked and avoided like a cabbage fart in a hatchback car doing 90 mph. Bet that is a visual you never expected to have...or if you are a fan of this blog you were probably wondering when I was going to get that graphic again.


With this in mind I am referring to direct-to-video B-Horror movies that while their predecessor may have gotten some screen time in the theaters, these releases were a huge crock of crap. So I will take my precious time and view these stink nuggets for you, give you my take on them and make like the wizened old man archetype Crazy Ralph and warn you of death curses, haunted houses and books bound in human flesh to avoid. Not sure if I have flannel plaid shirts and a pork pie hat but I will look around, zip around my ten speed that I don't have and announce evils in a cryptic fashion that will only help you minutes before your movie on-screen death. Keen? Well the ax or machete will be.

So again join me for unnecessary sequels and let's see if any of them are remotely entertaining or not.

How to not get head.