Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fusion of Film

Well hello readers and welcome back to that conglomeration of cinema, that moasic of movies , that union of movie pictures. This week will be known as Fusion of Film. Why? WHY??!!! Well because I grew weary of calling it grab bag. My only other idea was calling it Moving Pictures Mishmash and that just sounded far too long for some of my readers who like it neat and simple.

Could have some anime!!!

Well we have lots going on this week. Rotten Ramblin' On 2.0 is back, up to date and generally looking pretty nice. I am pestering guest stars as I have typed this up and hopefully we will hear back. Going through agents is... a necessity but kind of a pain at the same time. Of course these actors/directors/writers what have you, may have contended with a few wackos in their day. I am doing my level best to assure them that we have no desire to turn their clients into a laughing stock, wear their skin in our own flesh nor write a scathing pack of lies about them.

It is slow going as you can imagine. But Shawn and I shall return for Rotten Ramblin' On probably this week.

That in mind this week shall consist of whatever film I feel we have not reviewed or given a chance as I randomly select them. This can be a treat or a turd either way.


Might need a Doctor or two.