Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Back in Blaxploitation!

Howdy folks! Sorry I have been tardy since Christmas Eve. Shawn and I had a blast recording our DC Comics episode and you can find that on Youtube now under Rotten Reelz Reviews. That being said between the bad weather, sinus headaches and just no desire to write, I had to kick myself into gear to get started. Again apologies for this late in the week. I feel better and we will get started on some fan favorite: Blaxploitation.

Reach for the sky, jive ass turkey!

For those that somehow are unfamiliar with the term exploitation, an exploitation movie is usually a low-quality film without an "A" list backing and uses sex, violence and romance as the selling point behaving in a popular trend, niche or taboo subject matter. Blaxploitation is a film made with black actors more or less for black audiences and often has the theme of an urban view via stereotype. Normally they are overcoming authority "The Man" through clever planning and extreme violence.

Now common love of these films fell under Jack Hill's Coffy or Foxy Brown, Gordon Parks' Shaft and even love for William Crain's Blacula. As for the last one that is probably due to William Marshall's performance. Chilly and yeah I love several of these flicks and yes there are quite a few that are a bit on the crappy side as well. With in any genre there are bound to be some bad movies so keep that in mind when viewing them.

Sometimes you get stuck watching something as horrible as Dolemite but hey there are fans for that movie. Everyone has their own tastes and I for one want to see if there are some more out there that I will find enjoyable.

This week is Back in Blaxploitation and no sucka, you ain't got a choice in the matter.

Jim Kelly's a gun too!