Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vampires Reborn: Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm

And a fine greetings to you all as we are back for Day 3 of Vampires Reborn. Hey, remember that Radu guy coming back from what appeared to be his final death? Well... he might just have been put back together yet again. Seriously, has no one learned to burn his body to ash and then scatter the ash to the four winds? Or dousing his ashes in holy water making a consecrated ash pie and tossing globs of Radu to the walls of the Vatican? Maybe keep the ashes in your impromptu Satanic knick knack shelf. Whatever the case of lack of forethought, the master has risen once again to torment Romania, claim his fledgling Michelle and cut a bloody swath through the lands. This is Bloodstorm: Subspecies IV

Bloody Robert Smith of the Cure stole my look.

Fleeing from the castle via Mercedes after bundling Michelle into a body bag our young heroes attempt another escape from this ancient evil only to it all in tears. The car has maybe made about 8 klicks from the castle (4.9 miles for the rest of of the American civvies) before crashing into a tree killing Mel, Rebecca and the poor abducted girl from the village leaving Michelle still in the boot (Trunk for the yanks again) via body bag.

Good samaritan and doctor Ana Lazar (Ioana Abur of Sherlock, Hellraiser: Deader, Offset, Pu-239, Ghouls and Mirrors) finds the wreck and proceeds to investigate finding the occupants to be dead with the exception of Michelle and brings her to a nearby clinic ran by a colleague and mentor Dr. Niculescu (Mihai Dinvale of Return from Hell, Trancers 4: Jack of Swords, Dark Angel: The Ascent, Trancers 5: Sudden Deth and Vampire Journals). The good creeper er um doctor immediately recognizes Michelle as a child of the night and embarks on finding out about her sire. With an extremely burnt Radu attempting to heal up from the direct sunlight, our favorite sadist/dribbler and all around baddie has risen again, healed by his blood golems/gnomes/creatures that reside in him via magic as he looks for his fledgling, carrying with him the relic Bloodstone. Best to check in with a few of the kids he has made over the years... and by years I mean centuries.

Cold grave!! 

Leaving Castle Vladislav, Radu makes his way to Bucharest to lay claim to the holdings and wealth that his former fledglings Ash (Jonathon Morris of The Prisoner of Zenda, The Practice, Bread, The Fantasticks, Vampire Journals and Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm), a being of some centuries old and used to being the master of his town, getting his way and ruling his power base. Radu has now kicked in his door metaphorically and demands sanctuary.

Dr. Niculescu is also a vampire using his scientific knowledge to cure himself of vampirism but the blood thirst is still within him hoping that Michelle can lead him to the Bloodstone that might be the key to finishing his work. Ana still concerned where Niculescu's intentions lie, she checks in on Michelle as Radu has figured where his "child" has gone off to due to their psychic connection.

Will Niculescu be able to fend Radu off? Can the Bloodstone be the cure all it appears to be? Will Michelle ever be free of Radu??

My only real complaint to this film is the interlinking of Vampire Journals and Subspecies 4 given a continuity error. Ash had claimed the Sword of Laertes from Zachary via Vampire Journals when after capture he dispatched Ash and got the blade Ash has his unlife holding the blade and Radu lays claim to it. Very minor nitpick because it actually blends well the rest of the series.

Kevin Spirtas and Melanie Shatner were both unavailable to come back for this sequel as this was continued 6 years later but again director Ted Nicolaou pulled it off.

Sloppy eater?  What do you mean?