Friday, December 4, 2015

Vampires Reborn: Dracula 2000

Back again for Day 4 of Vampires Reborn and today's title is very apt. The origin of the stories spoken and written brings about a different take on a character that hails from an age-old monster that haunts many dreams, fascinate others and terrifies several. A creature that lacks a reflection, has hatred of all things Christian and seems to have a vulnerability to silver. This is Dracula 2000.

Jeri Ryan as a vampire?? Hmm...

Deep in the heart of London, Matthew Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer of The Silent Partner, Murder by Decree, Highpoint, Dreamscape, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Dolores Claiborne and A Beautiful Mind) a descendant of the 19th century country doctor that fought Dracula owns an antique shop working along side his protege Simon Sheppard (Jonny Lee Miller of Hackers, Trainspotting, Plunket & Macleane, Mindhunters, Endgame and Elementary) as they are about to close down for the holiday as Helsing's secretary Solina (Jennifer Esposito of Summer of Sam, Spin City, The Bachelor, Beyond the City Limits, Taxi, Samantha Who?, Blue Bloods and She's Funny That Way)needs a few signatures and she discretely shoots Simon down for a romantic getaway. That being said, Simon is off for the night and Matthew retires for the night. A cadre of thieves break into the Carfax Abbey building, bypass his security and head into a large catacombs but this was only the modern security. A few deadly traps killing a member of the crew and they still move on, stealing a silver coffin which the thieves assume is the treasure to be had.

You almost hit a mime!

Escaping with the goods with a flight to New Orleans, the coffin is opened releasing the prince of darkness himself, Dracula (Gerard Butler of Attila, Shooters, The Jury, Reign of Fire, 300, Gamer, How to Train Your Dragon and Olympus Has Fallen) who dispatches his would-be captors with ease and ended up crashing the plane outside of New Orleans.

Helsing gets on a plane and heads out for the crash-site, only to followed by Simon and then things get a bit kooky. Not having a CSI in this tiny town, the buddies were brought to a school only to release freshly made vampires. Simon quickly comes to terms that the monsters were real and helps end them. Matthew explains that he is actually Abraham and kept Dracula prisoner all these centuries, using Dracula's blood to prolong his life until he could figure a way to dispose of him forever.

Dracula bound by blood, seeks Helsing's daughter Mary (Justine Waddell of Great Expectations, Chaos, The Fall, Target and Killing Bono) as they are connected on a psychic level. Helsing and Simon must get to Mary before Dracula does and stop him as quickly as possible.

A few points of interest on the film. The name of Helsing's antique shop is named Carfax Abbey, the name of the house Dracula moved into in Stoker's novel. Actress/singer Vitamin C playing Lucy Westerman works in Virgin Megastore and you can clearly see one of her own albums on the rack. I noticed it seem we were less likely in London and more so in Toronto.

Not a brilliant movie but a new spin on an old thing. I have seen far lesser Dracula films and trust me on that.

So you are... gifted then?