Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vampires Reborn: Bloodlust: Subspecies III

Welcome back for Day 2 of Vampires Reborn and I feel a sequel is on the rise. No, not psychic but I did see the write-up idea jotted down so I have an in. Today's feature plays catch up with the thrilling vampiric adventure of yesterday so I know of what I speak and what I speak is more dribbling of spittle and blood as Radu makes his repugnant way back to the screen. This can only mean one thing...that he is a bit miffed. This is Bloodlust: Subspecies III.

Good luck not getting catacomb lice like me!  Sleep tight!

Following right after the events of Michelle's (Denise Duff) betrayal of stabbing Radu (Anders Hove) in the face with the enchanted dagger that slew his father, Mummy (Pamela Gordon) takes Michelle's blood for a spell and pulls the dagger out of Radu, bringing him back to life or undeath...whatever. Rebbecca (Melanie Shatner) escapes this horrific adventure narrowly with the thanks of the now late Professor Popescu (Michael Denish of Bloodstone: Subspecies II, Bloodlust: Subspecies III, Vampire Journals and Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm) allowing her to run off and find American Consulate Mel (Kevin Spirtas) and Lt. Marin (Ion Haiduc) in figuring out their next move.

Mummy not so Dearest and Radu cast a spell of teleportation taking them out of the catacombs and back to Castle Vladislav and rest for the day. Back with Mel and Marin, Rebecca's story sounds like the rantings of a lunatic as they try to calm her down and take in what she is saying. Pleading to Mel to help her break into the castle and explaining that Radu is a true monster.

I think I have someone in my teeth.

Much to his disagreement, Mel contacts his buddy from the CIA, Bob (Michael Della Femina of Mandroid, The City, Italian Movie and City by the Sea) who is a muscle-bound, rock climbing gun nut. After a few days of planning and weapons gathering from the late professor's office, our fledgling heroes muster courage to face Radu and Mummy. Mummy does not care for Michelle nor Radu's affection for her. She warns Radu that Michelle will be his death.

Under the cover of day waning into dusk, Bob arms everyone including Marin who reluctantly joins the group to save Michelle.

Inside the castle, Radu and Michelle begin the roles of Master and apprentice as he unveils the powers and abilities of the vampire, including the feeding.

Will Mel, Rebbecca and Bob arrive in time to save Michelle? Will Radu bend her to his will? Is Mummy a Lich or a Mummy?

Shot back-to-back Bloodstone: Subspecies II but for some reason the extended film was broken up into two films as it will balance the costs. Full Moon Entertainment has producers on board and some that would jump ship so cutting down on x amount of time per movie became an issue with The Puppet Master 4 and 5 so logically the same happened with Subspecies II and III. Each pair was one long film cut into two films adding a few additional scenes for each latter sequel as well as 2 minutes of the prior film to give continuity.

Think Becky, what would Buffy do?