Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Favorite Deep Space Nine Episodes

Howdy folks and welcome back for the week. Yes we are ready off to a rocky start as Monday got skipped altogether. Anyone reading this has a suggestion to regulate sleep patterns just a hitch better than I am already experiencing, PLEASE TELL ME. That being said I thought we would go back to TV as we cannot get enough of that. This time around I thought I would tackle another Roddenberry creation, a show that revolves around...well a world from an orbital platform or space station if you will. A show where they were not out exploring a brand new galaxy every week but rather alien life forms, phenomena, wonders and threats would crop up in their backyard.

Looks like ReinFair class rings.

I speak of course of the creation of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We are in frontier territory as the planet Bajor has managed to fend off its oppressors the Cardasassians (So close to Kardashians, their mammalian/reptilian cousins), the fledgling government has reached out to the Federation for assistance in creating a recognized political and social infrastructure that they could defend themselves against any other would-be attackers and conquerors. Many of Bajor are divided on the Federation's involvement in their new developing government that Starfleet may not be as invited but they are here to stay... or rather until they get new orders saying otherwise.

The main attraction to this remote quadrant of space is a natural wormhole (a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of both space and time) that can bring tourists, commerce, travelers and even powerful allies and enemies to Bajor's front door.

This week I want to share my favorite episodes of this seven year run series that was based in the timeline like as The Next Generation and Voyager. That being said, the episodes will of course span over these years, there will be spoilers for those that did not watch the series and continuity is not my cup of tea. More of a Gallifreian (DR. WHO REFERENCE) when it comes to telling tales so bear with me.

So out into that final frontier, that "Undiscovered Country" future that the Roddenberry projects were always about. Enjoy!

Projecting Mariah Carey into her skull.  You fiend!