Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dismember December

Howdy folks. Let me start off by apologizing for last week's finite amount of write-ups. The weather has brought the migraine fairy to visit and well it was a wee bit difficult to contend with. This week I am hoping it shan't follow last week at all. This week we are looking at horror in Christmas again. Last year I got a fair degree of snark for doing such and well... let's just say I didn't appreciate it and should be able to view and review whatever I bloody well want to.

Kid, you pee on my lap again and I am giving you coal!

So Horror is constantly sneered at and Holiday themed horror is certainly no exception. Certain films like the original Halloween and original Black Christmas have been beloved by many so with that in mind, I thought I would just start sifting through some of the lesser known titles and even more than a few sequels of less notoriety. Should make for some interesting reading for you all and that is primarily why I do what I do.

So we will enjoy the week known as Dismember December. Yes it was tasteless and tacky but so is a lot of Christmas PR so why not have some fun with the holly jolly season?

Happy Holidays from Bill Goldberg!!!