Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vampires Reborn

Well the holiday of Christmas will be rearing its head as Black Friday probably already had a kill and maim count and yes I did not go out for that VERY REASON. Festive films a plenty for the season. Some of these films are heartwarming, others are campy but sweet and then some are Made for TV movies with so much tripe cliches you will feel as though you have seen this film 20 to 30 times at length.

Can't imagine why Jake doesn't want to review flicks like mine.

So rather than breaking into some Frank Capra, I am reminded of one Vampire franchise that I have been neglecting for some time and that is the Subspecies series. Yes, you may have many a question is to why I would choose the holly jolly Christmas time to speak of abominations of nature that feed on the living in order to continue existing... Well corporation Christmas spending and such themes make it hard to enjoy Christmas at the fullest so we will just have to press on and do our level best to get the gifts, make the gifts and give thanks to those in our life that matter deeply to us and not worry about getting a TV really cheap at the expense of others' lives. Yeah Black Friday, I am not a fan.

I am touching base on this particular series for about 3 reasons. One, really do not want to read more comments on the Christmas themed Horror films and how could I watch that and so on. Two, really am a wee bit tired of clay motion jolly films I have seen to death so I want cut down on that for reviews and three, my brain is so lagged from different projects I simply could not come up with a thing for the week at all. I could have bugged all of you readers for input but you may or may not get back to me ASAP so this is what we got.

You all knew I would return...for the holidays!